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Physicians: Empower Your Patients To Reverse Obesity Through Lasting Lifestyle Change

Ideal Protein is a turn-key weight loss and lifestyle solution offered exclusively through a health care provider network. 

Per CDC data from November 2015, 37% of people in the U.S. have obesity. Another recent study revealed up to 52% have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Even though many health care providers would like to do more to help their patients, they're often challenged just to keep up with core patient services.

The guidelines on obesity treatment recommend the 5A's approach. Ask, Assess, and Advise are the first three A's.  But it's the last two A's, Arrange and Assist, where physicians can make the greatest impact.

Offering a comprehensive weight loss solution within your practice is the best way to:

  • Influence protocols and outcomes
  • Improve performance metrics such as BMI, Hypertension and Patient Satisfaction
  • Document patient progress
  • Drive practice growth, cash and reimbursement revenue

Why Ideal Protein Providers Are Successful

Simple Science. The Ideal Protein Method is based on long-accepted science. Patients follow a fat-burning diet made simple and practical with protein-based partial meal replacements, easily prepared whole foods, professional supervision and a proven accountability process. 

Lifestyle Change. Addressing metabolic dysfunction is​ only the first phase. The program continues with the lifestyle stabilization protocol based on the most compelling behavior-change research.  What makes our approach different is the structure of education, tools and support enabling patients to develop and retain a healthier lifestyle. 

Turn-Key Integration. Busy providers are able to integrate the program without disrupting their practice. Ideal Protein thoroughly trains and supports provider staff with proprietary education and tools based on obesity treatment guidelines. Backing the provider's staff is a team of clinical experts, medical advisory boards and local business consultants.

Credibility and Trust. Ideal Protein is a highly reputable weight loss and lifestyle brand with increasing demand. 8 million patients have enrolled at independent clinics since 2002. Providers are assured of having industry-leading science and patient support to lead the way in the fight against obesity. 

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